Honeycam Beta

Download Honeycam Beta 3.40b7

Download Honeycam beta (v3.40b7)  

Honeycam 3.40b7 Beta Update information(June 15, 2021)

  • You can open/save AVIF image files.
  • Added UI for the option [WebP compatibility with iPhone] on the Save Window.
  • You can check the difference of the file size between enabling the option and not.

  • Added some user-friendly features for Resize/Rotate/Flip Dialog.
  • Added an option for setting the default crop area. (Settings > Edit)
  • Bug fixes for the text input dialog when "update text on-the-fly" option turned off.
  • Added an option for arrow key acceleration for moving "REC" window. (Settings > Recording)
  • You can edit the size preset of recording window. (Hotkey: 1~9)
  • You can use hot key(0~9) to set size of the cropper to the preset size.
  • Bug fixes for [Set crop position and size dialog]
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements