Honeycam Beta

Download Honeycam Beta 4.24 b3

Download Honeycam beta (v4.24 b3)  

Honeycam 4.24 b3 Beta(May 18, 2023) Update information

  • Added no recording time limit option for MP4 Direct-save
  • - You can record without any time limit, up to the capacity allowed by your disk. Audio or voice will not be saved!
    - Selecting this option will automatically enable the frame disposal option in case of exceeding the memory capacity due to performance issues.
    - While the maximum recording time for Honeycam is limited to 3600 seconds (1 hour), there is no such restriction when using this option.
  • Usability improvements
  • - Fix to not show change notification dialog on exit after you go back to initial state using undo (Ctrl+Z).
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a bug that two adjacent frames are selected when you click one frame in the Edit-tab.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the playback speed and frame counts to differ between captured and saved video when using Direct-save to MP4.